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San Antonio Starz 'Lady Mustangs'

Lady Mustang Players

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Lady Mustang Players

We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other and on the latest happenings within the organization.


  • DESTINY #2
  • MEGAN #9
  • BRIANA #23
  • RENEE #21
  • SAMMY #10
  • SAVANNAH #12
  • SELENA #32
  • LUISA #15 
  • ALEEYA #3 
  • DIANDRA #24
  • KIM #7
  • GABBY #28


Here are some players having fun at Mc Donalds in Florida

2007 Acomplishments

2nd Place 2007 STH Mini Games 14-under

1st Place 2007 Starz Fast Break League 12-under

2nd Place 2007 Starz Fast Break League 14-under

1st Place 2007 Sparkling City Spring Tourney CC TX 12-under

2nd Place 2007 Sparkling City Spring Tourney CC TX 14-under

2007 12-under State Qualifiers

1st Place STH Spring League 12-under

2nd Place STH Spring League 14-under

2nd Place Austin Lady Knights Tourney 12-under

2006 Acomplishments

8th Place YBOA Nationals

1st Place YBOA 11-under National Qualifier

1st Place STAAU 12-under Natonal Qualifier

1st Place South Texas Hoops Spring League

1st Place Shake N Bake Tournament CC Texas

1st Place MAYB Tournament

1st Place All American Sports Tournament

1st Place Starz Fast Break League

2nd Place Mothers Day Out Tournament

2nd Place Diamonds On the River Walk Tournament

2nd Place Fiesta Ball Tournament

2nd Place All American Sports Spring Tune Up

2nd Place Summer Slam 2006 14-under

1st Place 2006 Summer League 12-under South Texas Hoops

1st Place 12-under All American Sports Fall Tournament

1st Place 2006 Fall League 12- under South Texas Hoops

1st Place 2006 Fall Laeague 12-under Factory Of Champions.




This was at the 12-under tourney that we played to take 1st place for YBOA Qualifiers.

San Antonio Starz 'Lady Mustangs'* 120 Drake Ave.* San Antonio * TX * 78204